Traditional training solutions are misaligned with today’s learning needs

The modern workplace is one in which jobs are more fluid, competition for employee time is fierce, and employees expect relevant, right-now learning.

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The next generation of Grovo is here! Our new all-in-one microlearning solution makes learning faster, more flexible, and more intuitive than ever before.

Grovo is A microlearning platform

The centerpiece of your culture of learning.

Grovo’ microlearning platform

Grovo is A content creator & library

Two ways to train in five minutes or less.

Grovo’ content creator & library

Technology and content are better together

Grovo’s platform and content work together to make training engaging, effective, and available right at the moment of need. Use Grovo as your primary learning system, or integrate Grovo with your existing LMS to amplify and accelerate your learning programs.



Easily create engaging, effective microlearning programs that magically reach the right people, at the right time.

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Author lessons from scratch.  Or use Grovo's library of thousands of bite-sized lessons on soft skills, management, policies & benefits, and much more.

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Engineered for busy brains

Microlearning gives your people short bursts of knowledge, right when they need it, to help them develop faster and perform better. We pioneered microlearning, and it’s built into every element of Grovo.



Microlearning is 300% faster to produce, 50% less expensive, and 58% more engaging than traditional training.

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Jordana Reim

Saatchi & Saatchi

The design is really clean, with a highly intuitive user interface, that makes training large numbers incredibly easy since we can onboard any new employee and assign training in minutes.

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