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Grovo is a next-generation learning solution for today's workforce.

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Why Grovo?

Because good people deserve more.

Why hire the best and brightest talent, only to train and develop them on dull, lifeless learning software? It doesn’t make sense—and it’s bad for business.

Lift your people and your profits with Grovo, a next-generation learning solution that inspires performance and drives results like never before.

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The magic
of microlearning

We think small,
so you win big.

Long, boring content that gets ignored? Not in our house. Grovo comes with thousands of gorgeous microlearning videos that improve performance in 144 seconds or less. Leadership skills, soft skills, digital skills—it’s all here. Mix and match with your own content to create the perfect playlist for every learner.

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How it works:
Our platform

Designed for learners first.

You don’t need to learn how to use Grovo. You just start using it. Our platform guides you through creating, delivering, and tracking your organization’s learning. Assign required training, suggest optional material, and empower learners to discover more―so every employee becomes more valuable, every day.

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We're always here to help.

Grovo isn’t just in the cloud. It’s on the ground, too. Everybody who uses Grovo gets a team of dedicated learning advisors to help take your learning program to the next level. We can help you choose lessons for different departments, build a rollout plan, and make sure it stays on track. With us on your side, you’re never alone.

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API integrations unlock
even more

Learning should set you free, not tie you up. That’s why we made Grovo compatible with your full HR stack. Grovo is powerful and flexible: it can be a standalone learning solution or integrate with your current system. It’s up to you.

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Living into
our vision

We walk the walk.

If you’re wondering, yes, we even use Grovo at Grovo. It’s our secret to creating a vibrant culture of learning right here in our own office. Why spend so much time and money trying to hire brilliant people, only to train and develop them with dull software? Our people deserve better, and so do yours. Let’s make a change together.

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Our customers

Don't just take our word for it.

We’ve been chosen by the world’s top brands, delivered over 5 million learning moments to date, and are building learning cultures in 190 countries. At companies around the world, trainers are ecstatic, employees are inspired, and business leaders are seeing results. Experience what better learning feels like.

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It’s been said that revolutions begin
with ideas.

Our idea is that better learning is better for business.

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