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Grovo is a next-generation learning solution for today's workforce.

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Why Grovo?

We’re reimagining learning for today’s workforce.

Studies show 90% of traditional training is forgotten within one year. Why? We think it’s because most training isn’t designed for the way people actually live and work today. Grovo offers a fresh approach that drives real business results.

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The Magic of Microlearning

We think small, so you win big.

Long, boring content that gets ignored? Not in our house. Grovo comes with thousands of gorgeous microlearning videos that improve performance in 144 seconds or less. Leadership skills, soft skills, digital skills—it’s all here. Learn anything better with microlearning.

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A better way to learn at work

Grovo is a complete 21st century solution.

Grovo helps you continually build the behaviors, habits, and skills your people need to be extraordinary at their jobs. How? By blending technology, content, and service into one smart learning solution.

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Our clients love us.

And we love them.

Companies all over the world are using Grovo to make their people happier, more valuable, and more productive than ever. We’ve delivered over 9 million microlearning moments to organizations in 190 countries.

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Living into our vision

We walk the walk.

If you’re wondering, yes, we even use Grovo at Grovo. It’s our secret to creating a vibrant culture of learning right here in our own office. Why spend so much time and money trying to hire brilliant people, only to train and develop them with dull software? Our people deserve better, and so do yours. Let’s make a change together.

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It’s been said that revolutions begin
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