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You can format the text of any post using the options provided above the body window.

If you'd like to format existing text, first highlight it.

The B, I, ABC, and U icons allow you to bold, italicize, strikethrough, and underline your text respectively.

Use the options in the dropdown to choose existing formatting options for your text, which let you create headings and subheadings.

Click the quotations icon to add a block quote to your post, setting it apart from the other text.

Use the line icon to insert a horizontal line across your page, which can separate text and add breaks to your page.

You can use the icons with multiple horizontal lines to justify your text, or align it left, center, or right.

Click the arrow next to the A icon to choose another color you'd like for your text, then just click the icon each time you'd like to apply it.

Finally, add a bulleted or numbered list, and use the "Decrease" or "Increase Indent" icons to create a hierarchical list of information.

Click the eraser icon at any time to clear the formatting.

Format1. File structure, compression or type (noun); 2. applying a style, color and/or type to content (verb); 2. the erasing, or purging, of a hard drive (verb).PostAn entry published on a blog, microblog, forum, or social networking site.WindowA visual area containing a user interface.Click1. The pressing of a mouse pointer on a link; 2. a tracked metric of users that click on a specific element.WordPress2918Format the Text of Your Posts