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The goal of TweetDeck is to make your social media management more convenient, so navigating between columns quickly and keeping an organized homepage is key.

Roll over any icon in the left of any TweetDeck page to see what type of column it corresponds to and to which account.

Click any icon to navigate to that column.

You can also use the left and right keyboard keys to shuffle through your columns quickly.

If you don't like the order of your columns, click the icon in the top right of any column heading and use the arrows to move the column left or right.

You can also roll over the left side of any heading until your mouse turns to crosshairs, then drag it to another slot.

Click and drag the icons to the left to shift columns and get an overview of the column order.

To remove the old contents of a column, open the options pane of any column and click "Clear." Your column will still fill up with new updates as they occur.

To remove a column entirely, click "Remove."

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