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Evernote's iPhone app lets you create a new note in any of your notebooks, no matter where you are.

To create a new text note, tap "Text" at the top of your home screen.

Name your note, pick a notebook other than the default if you'd like, then tap the "i" to add tags and a location to your note.

Tap the section below to type or paste whatever you want to remember into the body of the note.

Tap the "A" icon above the keyboard to change the text formatting and alignment, or the horizontal lines icon to insert bullets, numbers, checkboxes, or indents to a list.

Finally, use the icons to the left to attach a new photo, an existing photo, or a voice recording to your note.

Hit "Save" in the upper right when you're done.

Your new note and all changes you make will sync across all your devices whenever you're connected to the web.

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