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Screening stocks allows you to find stocks to invest in from any world market that meet a set of criteria you specify.

To screen stocks, go to, then select "Stock screener" on the left. Start by choosing the country, stock exchange, company sector, and currency for the stocks you are interested in.

Below, there are a number of criteria that can be used to evaluate stocks, and stocks that match those criteria below that.

Mouse over the question mark icon to get more information about what a certain criterion is.

Edit the numbers or drag the sliders to change the minimum and maximum amounts for each criterion.

As you make changes, the list below will be updated to match your request.

You can add more criteria by clicking "Add criteria" and choosing from the options, or remove one by clicking the "X" to the right.

Once you've come up with the right set of criteria, you'll see a table of stocks with that information below.

Sort the table however you like by clicking each column header.

Click on a company or symbol name to get more information about that stock.

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