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Understanding the structure of Salesforce can help you get the most out of the platform, whether you're an account administrator customizing a workflow or a sales rep looking to close more deals.

The highest level of organization on Salesforce is called an App.

Navigate to different Apps using the dropdown at the upper right of any page.

You'll see that each App can have a different set of buttons in the header - these buttons are called Tabs.

Apps are essentially groupings of Tabs that are relevant to the team using the App.

For example a Sales team may need to track Leads and Opportunities, while a Marketing team may need to track Accounts and Campaigns.

Tabs, however, are not only buttons.

They actually represent Objects, which are the fundamental part of the Salesforce structure.

To see an example of an Object, open the "Accounts' tab and press "Go." Objects are essentially database tables that contain information submitted from users in your account.

Each of the columns in the table is called a Field and the rows are called Records.

When a user creates a new "Account" -- say, for a client who might be interested in buying a product -- and fills in the information required, that user is filling out the Fields for the Object, and will create a new row (or Record) in the Object table.

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