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Roambi reports allow you to visualize and interact with your data.

There are two steps to creating a Roambi report.

First, choose how you want your report to look from Roambi's different "Views." Then, import your data into the view and publish.

To create a new report, select "Create Analytics" from the homepage, then the plus icon at the top right.

Here you'll see all of the Roambi "Views." Click the "i" button at the bottom right of each view to see more information about each one.

When you find a view you want to use, click the "Excel Template" button to download a sample file.

This sample file shows you exactly how to format your data so that the data will populate the view correctly.

Once your data is formatted like the sample, save it to your computer, click "Use this View" then select "My Computer" to search your hard drive for the file.

If you want to create a report from a file that exists in your library already, click "My Library" and select the file you want to use.

Once your data is finished importing, you can "Edit" the range to customize how the data is pulled from the file.

Click and drag the highlighted regions to change the selection: The red section shows the record titles, which are the names of the items you're analyzing, the green section shows the fields, which are the categories of data you're looking at for each item, and the blue section shows the data values within each category.

When you are ready click "Done." Then, click "Complete Import." Your new view will be created as a draft you can find on your "Projects" page.

Note that you must "Publish" the project, however, to notify other users and give them access to the view.

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