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The purpose of any ad is to attract eyeballs, and PPC ads have enjoyed great success in this goal by getting straight to the point.

Let's take a closer look at the four main components of a PPC ad: Headline/Title, Description, Display URL and Destination URL.

The job of the title or headline is to capture the consumer's attention, so it should get straight to the point.

In most PPC ads, the headlines will appear in a larger font, and are usually an underlined link that takes you to the target page.

A well written description will begin to "sell" the customer on the product, and should give an honest idea of what they are clicking into.

Typically the end of a description contains a "call to action" which is a request to the reader to "do something." The display URL is the URL that is shown onscreen.

This URL is typically just the root or the "dot com" of the URL that the user will actually be directed to.

The destination URL may be the same as the display URL, but usually it isn't.

Often it points the user directly to the part of your website that features the product advertised and is too long to fit in the character limit of the advertisement.

Destination URLs also often have "tracking tags" attached to them which are strings of numbers and letters that allow you to track your ad in third party applications.

PPCPay per click; an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay each time the ad is clicked.Headline1. The first line of text advertisements that is also typically a link; 2. a brief and unique description of a user in a social networking or Web application profile.URLUniform resource locator; the address of a website on the Internet typically beginning with http:// and ending with .com, .net or .org.WebsiteSite; a collection of related Web pages containing images, videos or other digital assets.ApplicationApp; a program or piece of software designed to complete a specific task on a specific platform.ReTargeter2071Understand the Components of PPC Ads
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