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How many times have you spent hundreds of dollars on the perfect dress for a special occasion, and then only wore it once? Leaving it to languish in the far recesses of your closet.

Never again.

Forget about buying a new dress for your next wedding or holiday party - buying is out, and renting is in.

Rent the Runway is a website offering access to thousands of designer dresses and accessories for every occasion.

And because you are only renting the item for a few days, it costs a fraction of the price of buying it forever.

The site offers lots of different ways to search for items.

You can browse new items, search by designer, and even peruse items based on the type of occasion you plan on wearing it to.

It's free to become a member of the site and immediately start searching for the perfect outfit for your next big event - so head to and sign up, or connect quickly with your Facebook account.

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Contact sales: (212) 924-2579