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Social media sites are very good at getting people to express themselves and communicate with each other.

They're also very good at displaying and storing the trillions of posts, profiles and interactions generated by their users.

For businesses who wish to track the opinions and activities of consumers, social media is a treasure trove of information.

In most cases, the conversation users have with each other about your business, your competitors, or your industry can be tracked within the sites or via third party social media monitoring tools.

Analytic packages also allow businesses to track the success of their own efforts online, from initial engagement to final purchase.

Every size business should employ many of the free tracking options available so that time invested in social media is worthwhile.

Because social media content is cheap to produce and easily editable, changes based on tracking results can typically be implemented quickly.

SiteWebsite; a collection of related Web pages containing images, videos or other digital assets.Social mediaWeb-based and mobile tools that allow people all over the world to interact, share and communicate.PostAn entry published on a blog, microblog, forum, or social networking site.ProfileA centralized presence on a Web application or website.CasesAn organizational tool that allows users to aggregate related notes, files, images and people.Conversation1. An archive of previous communications in the form of threaded emails or posts; 2. a real-time text or video chat; 3. the interaction between an organization and its customers, fans or other visitors to its social presences.Pinterest2746See What Customers are Saying About You

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