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People sometimes compare the Internet to the Wild West.

Both are perceived as frontiers, not only of new opportunity, but of lawlessness as well.

While there aren't any shootouts or barroom brawls online, the comparison is not without merit.

Every year billions of dollars and countless hours of labor are lost as a result of online fraud.

An educated user is the best line of defense against fraud.

A user that is aware of potential danger spots and the best ways of avoiding them is far more likely to use the Internet confidently and securely.

In today's online world of social networks, cloud computing, and file sharing, it is crucial that you understand the best practices of online security so that your conversations, data, and identity stay safe.

InternetA worldwide interconnection of computers and computer networks that facilitate the sharing or exchange of information among users.Cloud computing1. The system of shared resources provided to a consumer or business via hosted services over the Internet; 2. Web applications that function entirely online with nothing to download.File sharingThe practice of distributing files between computers over a network.NetworkA system or group of interconnected people or things.Conversation1. An archive of previous communications in the form of threaded emails or posts; 2. a real-time text or video chat; 3. the interaction between an organization and its customers, fans or other visitors to its social presences.Online Security2077Why is Online Security So Important?
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