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So you're going through your email and see a message from your boss asking if you have time to take on a project over the next few weeks.

You've already got a lot on your plate, but it's an important project and a good opportunity.

Here's how to meet your boss' expectations by delivering a quality report with time to spare.

First, consider all of your commitments for the week before you commit to a due date, hether it's imposed by your boss or decided by you.

Don't take on a project that will take 10 hours if you only have five to devote to it, unless you're willing to stay late or work on the weekend.

Your Manager would rather hear that you won't be able to meet a requested deadline than learn later that you were too busy with other work to meet your original agreement.

Once you decide that you'll take the project on, decide on a due date that leaves enough time for you and your manager to make any necessary edits.

Before you get started on the actual work, break the project up into specific actionable subtasks.

Set internal due dates on your calendar for these subtasks so you know exactly what steps you have to take, and when you need to do them by.

When your project is split into manageable chunks, consider if any of your tasks, like a specific set of numbers or a quarterly report, are dependent on anyone else.

If so, be sure to contact the appropriate person well ahead of when you need them to complete the task.

Be specific about what you need them to do, why it's important, and when you need it by.

It's your responsibility to make sure the task gets done, so be proactive about contacting them and providing help if they need it.

Stay in touch with your manager as you work, especially if you realize that you might need more time or external help.

The sooner you communicate your challenges, the bigger your chances for delivering a successful project on time.

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