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To create a new HubSpot landing page that you want new visitors to your site to see, click "Content" in the header, then "Landing Pages." Click "Create a new page" to pick from a selection of templates.

Click "Example Templates" to see more, or "Create" your own using the link at the bottom left.

Once you've selected your template, name the page and click "Create." Depending on the template you chose, you'll be able to personalize different aspects of the page's "Content," "Options," and "Style," but some choices are available to you on any template.

In the "Content" section, you'll be able to move certain sections "up" or "down," or "remove" them completely.

In the "Options" section, you'll be able to select a "Campaign" that your page should be added to.

In the "Style" section, click any of the page segments to customize the "Spacing," "Background," and "Border" of that segment, along with any "Text." To the right, you'll see a preview of your page.

Depending on the template, you can "move" a segment of the page elsewhere or delete it.

The "Publishing" tab lets you choose whether to publish "immediately" or at a "scheduled date and time." Click the computer icon at the bottom right to preview the page on different devices, or click "View as Contact" to view the page as a specific viewer.

Finally, "Save" your progress to continue working on the page later, or click "Publish" to finalize.

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