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Craigslist is one of the most popular job search sites on the web.

You can find full-time positions in the "Jobs" section, while the "Gigs" section lists short term and contract employment.

Both of these sections contain several sub-categories of work.

You can click "Jobs" or "Gigs" to see all the listings for each, or choose a field or area of interest that best matches what you're looking for.

Once you're on the listings page, you can select an area tab to narrow by location, search for something specific, or filter using the options below the search box.

See the jobs in a simple chronological list by clicking "list view," or see any pictures added to listings by clicking "pic view" or "grid view." When you've found a job you want to apply for, click "Reply" in the upper left-hand corner of the listing and choose how you'd like to respond in the popup.

List1. A grouping of email addresses used for email marketing purposes; 2. a user generated director of local merchants on Yelp.SearchThe process of typing keywords relating to a topic into a search engine in order to find results.SiteWebsite; a collection of related Web pages containing images, videos or other digital assets.Click1. The pressing of a mouse pointer on a link; 2. a tracked metric of users that click on a specific element.Tab1. A sub-window within a parent window; "tabbed browsing" allows users to open many different websites in the same window; 2. a navigational element of many sites including Facebook Pages which allow a visitor to switch between a site's sections while seeing all available sections grouped at the top or to the side. Filter1. The process of reducing the size of a set of data by removing unwanted pieces of information based on certain qualities or characteristics (verb); 2. a tool of many Web applications that automatically removes or categorizes data based on a set of rules and attributes (noun).Reply1. The act of responding or answering an email in direct reply to the sender; emails sent in reply are prefixed by "Re:"; 2. a post on a blog, forum, or other social network crafted as a direct response to another post, often associated with or linked to the original post.LikeAn endorsement of a product or service, piece of content or post. The term was made popular by Facebook and now can be found on a variety of Web applications that both use "Likes" within their own site and push them to Facebook.LinkedIn490Find a Job on Craigslist