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Targeting your audience allows you to hone in on your target market and spend your budget more effectively.

After you've designed your ads, LinkedIn lets you select targeting options based on locations, companies, and job titles.

Next to "Location," you are required to select at least one area.

You can select entire continents or expand the sub-categories to select a specific city.

Next to "Companies," you can either search for and target a specific company by name or you can target categories of companies by size and industry.

If you want to target a specific job title, function, or seniority, you can do so via the "Job Title" options.

Click "More targeting options" to reveal more criteria.

You can target people with certain schools, skills and LinkedIn Groups listed on their profile, as well as specific age and gender demographics.

Click "Next" to proceed to budgeting options for your campaign.

Note that if your targeting choices are too specific, you'll be prompted to expand your audience.

Targeting1. Narrowing the audience of ads, emails or other marketing materials based on some common desired characteristic or quality; 2. choosing the destination or landing page of an ad.LinkedInThe world's largest online professional social network through which over 100,000 members communicate, network, find jobs and more.SearchThe process of typing keywords relating to a topic into a search engine in order to find results.FunctionAn advanced calculation done in a spreadsheet that typically maintains the format of: =FUNCTIONNAME(DATASET)Group1. A grouping of individuals that communicate, collaborate and share information within a Web application; 2. a sub-set of lists, used to target subscribers based on characteristics or interests.Campaign1. The means selected to accomplish a set of advertising or marketing goals; 2. a collection of ads or email marketing within a single platform grouped by common options, characteristics and budget; 3. the second level of an adCenter account; 4. the second level of an AdWords account.LinkedIn2500Target a Specific Audience