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Picking your iPhone's wallpaper lets you customize what you see on your phone's lock screen, as well as the image you see behind your phone's apps on your home screen.

To change your background, open the "Settings" app and choose "Wallpapers and Brightness," then "Choose Wallpaper" at the bottom.

Here, you can choose a "Dynamic" or "Still" wallpaper from Apple, or a photo from any of your photo albums.

Preview the wallpaper, then move and scale the image to your liking if you've chosen a photo from one of your albums, and hit "Set" if you like it.

In the popup, choose whether you'd like to use the image for your "Lock Screen," "Home Screen," or "Both." The image you choose will appear on your home or lock screen from now on.

By default, newer iPhones' lock and home screens (among others) will move slightly when you rotate your phone, giving your screen a sense of depth; however, you can disable this in the "Settings" app by choosing "General," then "Accessibility" and "Reduce Motion," and moving the slider.

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