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If you know you'll need to be offline for a while, you can take your Spreadsheet with you in a variety of formats.

From the "File" menu, mouse over "Download as" to see your options.

For the widest range of compatibility or viewing options, you can download the current sheet as a CSV, HTML or text file.

To preserve the most editing options, you can download your whole spreadsheet in Excel or OpenOffice formats.

You can also download a PDF of your spreadsheet, of the current sheet, all sheets, or selected cells.

If you intend to reimport your spreadsheet later, it's best to use one of the editable formats.

SheetA separate tab or section in a spreadsheet program that can be dependent or independent of other sheets in the document. SpreadsheetA table of rows and columns that can be manipulated for calculations. Format1. File structure, compression or type (noun); 2. applying a style, color and/or type to content (verb); 2. the erasing, or purging, of a hard drive (verb).Download1. A file transferred from one computer or server to another via a network or the Internet (noun); 2. to transfer files between computers (verb).CSVComma-separated value; a generic, widely readable format for data generally stored in tables. This file type can be generated and read in multiple programs from Microsoft Excel to Google Docs. PDFPortable document format; a file type used to manage, transmit and reproduce documents securely and accurately in electronic form. CellThe smallest unit in a spreadsheet where one enters text, numbers or formulas and calculations. Google Drive5067Take a Spreadsheet with you Offline
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