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Pivot tables help you summarize and analyze large amounts of data.

But before you can create a pivot table, your data needs to be structured properly.

Properly structured data is organized into columns, called fields.

Give each column a column header that describes the data in the field below -- think of your column headers as characteristics of your data.

For example, if you're creating a table for sales, your columns might be SalespersonName, ProductName, UnitsSold, and DateSold.

Creating a pivot table from this array will allow you to find how many units each salesperson sold broken down by date, and product.

Then, in each row below the column header, add the salesperson's name, the product they're selling, how many units of that product they sold, and the date.

Each cell in your sheet is called a record, and rows are called record sets.

Now, you can create a pivot table by opening the "Data" dropdown, and selecting "Pivot table report." A new sheet will be added containing your report, which you can now populate with rows, columns, and values.

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