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If you add headers to define the contents of a column or row, you may lose them as you scroll through lots of data.

Freezing headers allows you to keep your data in context as you navigate your screen.

You can quickly freeze the first two rows or columns of your sheet by clicking the "View" menu, here, then mousing over "Freeze" and choosing if you would like to freeze one or two rows or columns.

If you would like to freeze more than two rows or columns, select a cell in the last row or column of the selection you would like to freeze and navigate back to the "View" menu.

Mouse over "Freeze" and select "Up to current row" or "Up to current column." Now as you scroll, the frozen sections of your document remain visible.

You can quickly increase the number of rows or columns in the frozen section by clicking and dragging the heavy bar that marks the edge of the column or row.

To unfreeze your selection entirely, select "No" frozen rows, or "No" frozen columns from the "Freeze" menu.

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