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Comparing your ad performance over time allows you to easily see how certain metrics related to your ads, such as Clicks or Impressions, have improved or declined, directly in your AdWords data tables.

To compare ad performance over time, click into a campaign from the menu on the left, then select the date picker in the upper right.

First choose the date range that you want to analyze.

This is your primary date range.

Then, at the bottom of the dropdown, click the "Compare" slider so that it's in the "On" position.

Choose whether you want to compare data from the "Previous period," from the "Same period last year," or a "Custom" range.

This is the secondary date range that you'll use to compare to the primary.

When you're done, click "Apply." Now, click the plus icon at the top of any column border.

You'll see the first and second date ranges, the total change, and the percentage change for each metric.

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