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Google Hangouts lets you call any phone number, right from your Gmail inbox.

First, click the "New Hangout" box, then type in the number you want to call.

If you want to call a different country or a specific contact you already have the phone number for, click the phone icon first.

Note that calls to the USA and Canada are free, but you will be charged for calls to other countries.

Change the country code using the dropdown, or enter your contact's name.

When you're ready to start the call, hit enter.

A new video Hangout window will open on your screen, and the phone you're calling will receive a call from your Google Voice number if you have one, or a blocked number if you don't.

You can also add a phone participant to a regular video Hangout by clicking the silhouette icon at the top, then "Add telephone." When they answer the call, they'll hear the audio from the hangout and can contribute by speaking.

When you're done, click the red phone icon in the upper right to hang up.

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