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Sharing a file with someone gives them instant access to it, allowing them to download the file from your Dropbox.

To share a file in your Dropbox right after you change it, click the Dropbox icon in the taskbar, mouse over one of the files, and click the "Share Link" button.

Or, to share any file in your Dropbox, find it in a Finder window.

Right-click it and select "Share Dropbox Link." A link will be copied to your computer's clipboard.

Paste the link in an email, chat, or anywhere you'd like to share it.

Note that links to Dropbox files can be shared publicly, and anyone with the link can access them, so only give the URL to people you trust.

Download1. A file transferred from one computer or server to another via a network or the Internet (noun); 2. to transfer files between computers (verb).Dropbox1. A cloud-based hard drive that a user can sync with multiple computers; 2. a feature of Highrise that allows users to create contacts and tasks via specific email addresses.Click1. The pressing of a mouse pointer on a link; 2. a tracked metric of users that click on a specific element.IconA small picture or image used by websites and apps to represent a function, tool, action or location.ShareThe process of sending links or content to specified recipients or entire networks.WindowA visual area containing a user interface.ChatAn online discussion via text, video or voice that takes place either one-on-one or in a group.EmailElectronic mail; a system where a message is composed and sent via the Internet to be read by another person in a different location.LikeAn endorsement of a product or service, piece of content or post. The term was made popular by Facebook and now can be found on a variety of Web applications that both use "Likes" within their own site and push them to Facebook.NoteA formattable and publishable word processing feature in Evernote that lets users quickly and easily record text and media while browsing the Web.URLUniform resource locator; the address of a website on the Internet typically beginning with http:// and ending with .com, .net or .org.Ge.tt5684Send a File in Two Clicks
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