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To compose an email with Gmail, click "Compose" on the left side of the screen.

Add your recipients in the "To" field, separated by commas.

Click a suggested recipient to add them, or remove a recipient by clicking the "X" to the right of their name.

Click the Carbon Copy ("Cc") or Blind Carbon Copy ("Bcc") to include people that will receive your email, but won't assume that they are the primary intended recipients.

"Bcc" recipients will remain hidden from everyone except you.

Then, add a subject and the body of your email in the fields below.

Click the "A" icon to the right of the "Send" button to open formatting options for your body text.

You can attach files, photos, links, emoticons, or invitations using the icons to the right.

Minimize the message by clicking the black bar at the top, or switch to full screen compose by clicking the arrow icon.

Since Gmail automatically saves your emails as drafts every few seconds as you're writing them, clicking the "X" at the top right will only close the message but not delete it.

Click the trash can icon to delete a draft.

When you're ready, click "Send."

Click1. The pressing of a mouse pointer on a link; 2. a tracked metric of users that click on a specific element.EmailElectronic mail; a system where a message is composed and sent via the Internet to be read by another person in a different location.GmailGoogle's email and contact management service.Blind carbon copyBcc; an email address field that allows a message to be sent to multiple recipients without allowing each recipient to see the others' email addresses.Carbon copyCc; an email address field that allows a message to be sent to multiple recipients who should be aware of the email without being directly addressed.SubjectA field of text written by the sender of an email to convey the message's topic or nature. IconA small picture or image used by websites and apps to represent a function, tool, action or location.Format1. File structure, compression or type (noun); 2. applying a style, color and/or type to content (verb); 2. the erasing, or purging, of a hard drive (verb).MessageA typed communication that is sent out to others.Facebook535How Do I Write an Email?