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Even though Facebook group messages can seem unruly, they are easily wrangled, even from your iPhone.

To manage a group message, open it from your inbox.

Tap the "i" in the upper right and then "Add People" to include more friends in the conversation.

Tap someone from the list below or search for a specific friend in the box above.

When you've added all the friends you want to include, tap "Done." Note that people you add to a group conversation will be able to see all its previous messages.

Tap the conversation's name from the "Group Info" screen to change the name of your group message.

By default, this will be the first names of the people involved.

Tap the messages icon next to the conversation name to "Take" or "Choose" a conversation photo.

Tap "Notifications" to turn them off permanently, for an hour, or overnight.

If you decide you don't want to be included in the discussion anymore, you can leave the conversation permanently at the bottom.

FacebookThe world's largest social networking platform; it is used to communicate and share content with users' friends and family around the world.Group1. A grouping of individuals that communicate, collaborate and share information within a Web application; 2. a sub-set of lists, used to target subscribers based on characteristics or interests.MessageA typed communication that is sent out to others.IPhoneA multimedia-enabled smartphone designed and marketed by Apple.Inbox1. An email client's primary folder that aggregates all incoming email messages; 2. a section of a Web application that houses messages sent directly to a user.Conversation1. An archive of previous communications in the form of threaded emails or posts; 2. a real-time text or video chat; 3. the interaction between an organization and its customers, fans or other visitors to its social presences.FriendA connection to another profile on Facebook which gives a person additional channels of communication to that user. List1. A grouping of email addresses used for email marketing purposes; 2. a user generated director of local merchants on Yelp.SearchThe process of typing keywords relating to a topic into a search engine in order to find results.NoteA formattable and publishable word processing feature in Evernote that lets users quickly and easily record text and media while browsing the Web.IconA small picture or image used by websites and apps to represent a function, tool, action or location.Facebook5898How Do I Add People to a Group Message?