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If you're part of a group conversation on Facebook, you can create a new group of friends consisting of the members of that conversation.

To create a group from a conversation, click the message icon at the top right of any Facebook page, click "See all," and select a group conversation.

In the "Actions" dropdown menu, click "Create Group." Give your group a name, then click the "X" next to the name of anyone you don't want in your new group.

Below, pick a privacy level for the group.

You can click the link below to learn more about each of these privacy options.

Click "Create" when you're done.

In the next window, choose an icon, or "Skip" this step altogether.

Now, you can easily share updates, photos, videos and files, ask questions, and create events for the members of that conversation.

Conversation1. An archive of previous communications in the form of threaded emails or posts; 2. a real-time text or video chat; 3. the interaction between an organization and its customers, fans or other visitors to its social presences.FacebookThe world's largest social networking platform; it is used to communicate and share content with users' friends and family around the world.Group1. A grouping of individuals that communicate, collaborate and share information within a Web application; 2. a sub-set of lists, used to target subscribers based on characteristics or interests.FriendA connection to another profile on Facebook which gives a person additional channels of communication to that user. Click1. The pressing of a mouse pointer on a link; 2. a tracked metric of users that click on a specific element.IconA small picture or image used by websites and apps to represent a function, tool, action or location.MessageA typed communication that is sent out to others.Facebook pageFan page; a free custom profile for a business, brand, product, organization or public figure hosted on Facebook.WindowA visual area containing a user interface.ShareThe process of sending links or content to specified recipients or entire networks.Event1. An alert or triggered notification; 2. a Web page created on Facebook that contains time and location details for an occasion; 3. a Web-based overview of an offline happening.Facebook5086Create a Group from a Conversation Thread