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When you post a large amount of content, interactions with that content and posts by others can be difficult to track.

Luckily these interactions are aggregated in the "Notifications" section of your Admin Panel.

If you have new notifications, they will be indicated by a red number next to "Notifications." To see and edit more of your notifications, click the "See All" link above.

Click on a user's name to view their profile, or click on the link naming the type of content to open the piece of content along with all comments and Likes.

PostAn entry published on a blog, microblog, forum, or social networking site.AdminAdministrator; a user that has full control over the features and functions of an application and the users within.Click1. The pressing of a mouse pointer on a link; 2. a tracked metric of users that click on a specific element.ProfileA centralized presence on a Web application or website.CommentA remark on, or response to, a piece of content online. LikeAn endorsement of a product or service, piece of content or post. The term was made popular by Facebook and now can be found on a variety of Web applications that both use "Likes" within their own site and push them to Facebook.Facebook Pages3203Who has Liked my Facebook Posts?
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