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One of the easiest ways to grow a new Page is to share it with your personal contacts and ask for Likes.

To share your Page with your email contacts, click "Build Audience," then "Import Contacts." Here, you'll see a variety of email services that you can import your entire address book from by clicking "Invite Contacts" to the right.

Enter the information requested and click "Invite" or "Upload Contacts." You may have to follow some additional instructions, depending on what email service you use.

Facebook will display the email addresses you've chosen to add.

You can then select which addresses you want to actually invite using the checkboxes.

Click "Preview Invitation," check the box at the bottom that says you are authorized to send this invitation, then click "Send."

ShareThe process of sending links or content to specified recipients or entire networks.Contact1. A record of a user's basic contact information that may or may not include a history of interactions with that contact; 2. contacts; a list of all of the individuals and companies that one has conversed or interacted with in a particular Web application. LikeAn endorsement of a product or service, piece of content or post. The term was made popular by Facebook and now can be found on a variety of Web applications that both use "Likes" within their own site and push them to Facebook.Click1. The pressing of a mouse pointer on a link; 2. a tracked metric of users that click on a specific element.EmailElectronic mail; a system where a message is composed and sent via the Internet to be read by another person in a different location.Follow1. To subscribe to the activity, messages and/or content of another member of a site; 2. to click on a link.FacebookThe world's largest social networking platform; it is used to communicate and share content with users' friends and family around the world.Facebook Pages3208Get Likes from Your Email Contacts
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