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Whether you're looking for old baseball cards or new Pokemon cards, researching items takes a certain finesse and is the key to getting the most out of eBay; comparing goods and sellers is important for an auction that is open to the entire Web.

Be sure to look at the seller's rating after you've found an item to get a better idea of who you will be buying from.

Top-rated sellers are marked with a medal to the right of the listing.

Additionally, you can see how sellers are ranked by reviews and ratings in the top right corner of the item page after clicking on an item.

Photos can provide some transparency if other sellers are only using stock images for the same product; evaluate the quality of a product as best you can through the photo as they are usually the exact item being sold.

While grammar and spelling are not the most telling attributes of a good seller, there is a certain etiquette when listing an item on eBay, so typo-ridden descriptions and titles could also shed some light on this distant vendor.

ReviewAn evaluation of a product, service, site or company, often written by a customer or a user. TransparencyThe extent to which a color in an image lets through the layer beneath it.VendorAnyone that supplies services or goods to a company or individual.eBay2243Make Sure an Item and its Seller Check Out