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The eBay marketplace is built on trust.

Millions of dollars in goods exchange hands on eBay every day because buyers and sellers trust each other.

Much of this trust is based on user Feedback.

Buyers can rate and review their transactions after every purchase, and they are urged to rank sellers honestly to give future customers an idea of who they'll be buying from.

Ranks and reviews of other sellers give a good indication of their track record and whether you can trust them to provide good service or not.

A user's rating can be found to the right of their name and can be determined by what kind of star they have next to their name.

Top-rated sellers are marked with a medal to the right of the listing.

Sellers are ranked by a Postive Feedback percentage, and a Feedback score.

The higher the number for each, the better.

Buyer1. Users on the purchasing end of a transaction; 2. a term used on Integrate to identify a company, or merchant, who wants to purchase leads.Feedback1. Reactions to a product or service, often used by the provider as a basis for improvement; 2. a system by which a website's users can rate experiences with other users, or with the site.ReviewAn evaluation of a product, service, site or company, often written by a customer or a user. Feedback scoreA numerical representation of an eBay member's feedback as accumulated through points ascribed during the feedback process.eBay2250Tell Everyone the Truth About a Seller