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An Etsy shop is a place where you can list any item that you or your business has made, such as jewelry, furniture, clothing or homeware to sell online.

Etsy shoppers can then search for your shop or items, browse your products, and buy your items.

Before you can open your shop, you must first add all the necessary details, list at least one item and designate payment methods for shoppers.

To create an Etsy shop, click the "Sell" link at the top left of any Etsy page and click the "Open an Etsy Shop" button.

After signing in, Etsy will automatically suggest a language, shop country, and currency based on your location.

Click "Yes" to use the ones they suggest, or "No, I want to choose" to select other options.

From the dropdowns, select your options and click "Save." Click "Enter Your Shop Name" and choose a unique name for your shop.

The shop name appears next to your items in the Etsy marketplace and should have personal significance or help identify what's in your shop.

Note that you can only use letters and numbers, and no spaces in your shop name.

When you've chosen a name, click "Save." You'll be able to change your shop name later.

Note that when you save your changes, your shop is not yet open to the public.

You'll need to complete the rest of the necessary steps before you can start selling to Etsy shoppers.

You can access your shop by clicking the "Your Shop" link at the top of the page.

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