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Google Drive is a cloud-based office productivity suite, enabling the creation of text documents, slide presentations, web forms and drawings in one online location.

Items in Google Drive can be created, stored, and edited by individual users, or shared with collaborators.

Anyone with a Google account has access to these free tools, and additional features are available to Google Apps subscribers.

Learn how to: Create and store documents, such as presentations and spreadsheets; Use templates to streamline the document creation process; Share documents with others; Collaborate and comment on documents in real-time.

FormsA combination of text fields and selection buttons that allows a user to enter structured data into a website or document. SlideThe primary canvas of a presentation where one can edit and add multimedia to make up a larger presentation. Web formA feature that allows a user to enter data that is sent to a server for processing.ShareThe process of sending links or content to specified recipients or entire networks.Account1. A record of a user in an application; 2. the highest level of management in AdWords where an advertiser controls their administrative settings to be applied to every level below.AppApplication; a program or piece of software designed to complete a specific task on a specific platform.Google AppsA service that lets users customize Google products for use with a professional domain. One use of Google Apps is the Gmail platform for a company's email.SpreadsheetA table of rows and columns that can be manipulated for calculations. TemplateA standardized format for documents or projects that can be reused.Collaborate1. To work jointly to produce or create something (verb); 2. a feature of many Web-based applications of that allows multiple users to simultaneously modify items, and communicate in real-time.CommentA remark on, or response to, a piece of content online. Dropbox5264Explain Google Drive in 60 seconds
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