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You get 200 free download credits per month per Bandcamp account.

You give away one download credit every time a fan downloads a track or an album for free, whether by you giving it away, or at name your own price with no minimum.

Each month, Bandcamp will bump you back up to 200.

Bandcamp will also give you 1,000 download credits for every $500 in sales you generate on the site.

If you find yourself out of credits before the month is up, all your free tracks and albums will switch to paid.

You can buy more credits by clicking "tools" from your username pulldown menu, scrolling down to "Download credits", and clicking "get more." Choose your package, and click "buy now".

This will send you to your PayPal account to confirm payment.

Account1. A record of a user in an application; 2. the highest level of management in AdWords where an advertiser controls their administrative settings to be applied to every level below.Download1. A file transferred from one computer or server to another via a network or the Internet (noun); 2. to transfer files between computers (verb).FanA Facebook user that has "Liked" a Facebook Page or interest.BackA feature of Web browsers that lets users return to the last Web page viewed by clicking on the "back arrow," which points to the left and is typically located in the upper left hand corner of a Web browser. The keyboard shortcut for Back is typically the "Backspace" key.SiteWebsite; a collection of related Web pages containing images, videos or other digital assets.Click1. The pressing of a mouse pointer on a link; 2. a tracked metric of users that click on a specific element.UsernameThe name through which a user identifies their account on a website or mobile application.PayPalA site that lets users safely and securely send money, pay for purchased items and get paid for items sold online.Bandcamp3181Get More Download Credits