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You can list your upcoming shows via third-party service, Songkick.

You must have a Songkick account with an upcoming event to access this feature.

Head to "". Sign up with your email address, password, etc.

then click "Sign up for free".
Scroll to the footer and click "Add an event", choosing between "Concert" or "Festival".

Enter in all the information you can regarding other performers, venue, drink specials, and so on.

Then click "Save concert" when finished.

Now, back on your Bandcamp account, select "Profile" from your username dropdown menu on your logged in Bandcamp account.

Scroll down to "Upcoming shows" and check "display upcoming shows".

Then, click the "Force refresh now" link just below.

Then hit "Save" and "OK".

It may take a little while for the upcoming shows to show up.

List1. A grouping of email addresses used for email marketing purposes; 2. a user generated director of local merchants on Yelp.Account1. A record of a user in an application; 2. the highest level of management in AdWords where an advertiser controls their administrative settings to be applied to every level below.Event1. An alert or triggered notification; 2. a Web page created on Facebook that contains time and location details for an occasion; 3. a Web-based overview of an offline happening.Click1. The pressing of a mouse pointer on a link; 2. a tracked metric of users that click on a specific element.EmailElectronic mail; a system where a message is composed and sent via the Internet to be read by another person in a different location.Email addressThe combination of a username and a domain which designates the location of a person's unique email inbox.PasswordThe letters, numbers and symbols used to gain access to an account on certain websites and mobile applications; an ideal password is eight characters in length and contains letters, numbers and symbols.BackA feature of Web browsers that lets users return to the last Web page viewed by clicking on the "back arrow," which points to the left and is typically located in the upper left hand corner of a Web browser. The keyboard shortcut for Back is typically the "Backspace" key.UsernameThe name through which a user identifies their account on a website or mobile application.RefreshAn action by which a user can update and reload the currently displayed webpage.Bandcamp3174Display Upcoming Shows