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Whether you are promoting yourself, promoting your business, recruiting for a job opening or testing an idea, LinkedIn advertisements are a fast and cost effective way to get you exposure to a large professional audience.

Using an array of targeting options like job title, industry, or geography, you can get hyper-targeted in who sees your ads.

Then, after you've strategically placed your ads throughout LinkedIn, you can monitor them to see which are performing and adjust the ads that aren't.

Learn how to... - Launch an ad campaign - Target a specific audience - Set a daily budget - Analyze your ad performance and more...

LinkedInThe world's largest online professional social network through which over 100,000 members communicate, network, find jobs and more.LikeAn endorsement of a product or service, piece of content or post. The term was made popular by Facebook and now can be found on a variety of Web applications that both use "Likes" within their own site and push them to Facebook.Targeting1. Narrowing the audience of ads, emails or other marketing materials based on some common desired characteristic or quality; 2. choosing the destination or landing page of an ad.LinkedIn2497What are LinkedIn Ads?
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