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Every year, the digital skills gap drives almost a $1.3 trillion productivity loss for the U.S. economy.

More than 200M adults in the US are part of the digital workforce, yet 58% of them feel they are not productive with the digital tools their organizations use.

Technology has quickly outpaced traditional training and as a result workers, businesses, and the economy are suffering.

On average, workers lose two hours in productivity per person every day due to a lack of proficiency with core digital competencies, such as managing email, working with documents, and collaborating on projects.

Add in the specific skills that are needed for different roles (e.g. sales, social media, etc.), and the loss to individuals and organizations due to the skills gap is staggering.

Grovo solves the skills gap by teaching Internet and modern professional skills to today's workforce with 60-second videos in a beautiful and effective training platform.

Our solution:

  • Is consumerized, engaging and fun for learners

  • Increases effectiveness by providing 6x the data of a traditional Learning Management System

  • Decreases the time required to train

In more than 190 countries,

companies like Chevron, Constant Contact, ReachLocal, Saatchi & Saatchi, and A-List are using Grovo to catch up, keep up, and move ahead.

How we got started

Jeff Fernandez and Surag Mungekar have been best friends since meeting in the first grade. Classmates through high school, they promised that after college they would start a company together.

After they graduated, Jeff accepted a position at a digital advertising startup, while Surag began work as an engineer at a large communications company. It was during this time that they would be introduced to friend, colleague, and cofounder, Nick Narodny.

In the summer of 2010, the three were out together when Jeff received a text message:

“How do I connect Google Analytics to my Wordpress?”

Questions like this had become commonplace, and they realized that there was no place to learn many of these critical digital skills.

As dinner wrapped up, the trio sketched out an idea for a website that could keep people up to speed on new technology, as it became available, using brief video clips.

“I can build it,” said Surag.

“I can teach it,” said Nick.

“I can run it,” said Jeff.

They paid the check, and Grovo was born.

Our founders

Jeff Fernandez

Jeff Fernandez

Cofounder & CEO

Jeff is responsible for and oversees all aspects of fundraising, sales, investor relations, and building the Grovo culture. In addition, Jeff directs Grovo's thought leadership and manages and mentors the Leadership team at Grovo.

Prior to Grovo, Jeff was a Product Manager with Clickable (acquired by Syncapse), a web service that brings simplicity to online advertising. He worked on Clickable's flagship product, Clickable Pro, and helped integrate Facebook advertising and launch the American Express OPEN partnership. From 2006 until 2009, Jeff worked for Doostang (acquired by Universum Global) and served as Head of Business Development and Sales.

Jeff graduated from Harvard College with Highest Honors.

Surag Mungekar

Surag Mungekar

Cofounder & CTO

Surag leads the engineering team and defines the technical vision for Grovo.

Before Grovo, Surag worked as a Senior Engineer at Nuance Communications, working with several large enterprises and leading development teams across the country to build voice, web, and desktop software solutions. Prior to this, Surag worked as an engineer at Viecore, a consulting and systems integration firm that was acquired by Nuance Communication.

Surag graduated from Columbia University.

Nick Narodny

Nick Narodny


Nick oversees and manages product, marketing, and finance for Grovo.

Before Grovo, Nick worked as a Team Lead at Clickable (acquired by Syncapse), where he met and worked with Jeff on a variety of projects. Prior to his work in AdTech, Nick was an aerospace and defense investment banker at Jefferies Quarterdeck, where he worked on financings and acquisitions with L3, Northrop Grumman, Boeing and SpaceX.

Nick graduated from Boston College cum laude.

Our investors

Grovo's Investors

Our board and advisors

  • Greg Waldorf, Chairman of the Board CEO-in-Residence at Accel Partners
  • Andrew Chen Entrepreneur-out-of-residence
  • Jason Nazar Cofounder & CEO, Docstoc (Acquired by Intuit)
  • Max Simkoff CEO at Evolv
  • Lane Buschel Head of Communications, HasOffers
  • Mareza Larizadeh Founder & CEO at Pulsd, Inc.
  • Jonathan Gheller Product at Facebook
  • Ken Shuman VP of Communications, NerdWallet
  • Simon Tisminezky President & COO Speeddate.com
  • Spencer McKeown Head of e-Learning & Communication,
    American Express
  • Mike Blumberg VP, GE Antares Capital
  • Rohan Kumar VP of Strategic Partnerships, Trueffect
  • Panos Kougiouris Sr. Director, Product Development, Citrix Systems
  • John Cwikla Founder, The Giant Pixel Corporation
  • Dahn Tamir CTO, Techlist
  • John Doherty Online Marketing Manager, HotPads at Zillow
Contact sales: (212) 924-2579