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Reclaim your productivity

How strong are your digital skills?
Odds are you're losing at least 500 hours each year due to inadequate digital training 

Identify & close your digital skills gap with Grovo

Beautiful and effective video training on over 130 Internet tools, cloud services, and professional topics

Every video is developed in-house by our expert teachers, crafted by professional videographers, and reinforced with assessments created by former LSAT and GMAT question writers

Grovo's 60-second videos break down complex ideas into easily understood and immediately actionable skills. Based on years of research and experience, Grovo is the leading pioneer in microlearning

Grovo moves at the speed of innovation and deploys new lessons daily, more than any other provider. Combined with a simple and beautiful user experience, our training is compatible on any computer or mobile device

A world-class training library. Only on Grovo.

4,500+ bite-size videos and assessments with the most up-to-date training on:

  • Social Media Essentials (1,100+ lessons)

    Including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, HootSuite, and Sprout Social

  • Project Management & Collaboration (800+ lessons)

    Extensive instruction on the use of and best practices for Office 365, Google Apps, Trello, Evernote, Asana, Salesforce, and more

  • Online Marketing Tools & Techniques (700+ lessons)

    Complete training on Google AdWords, SEO, retargeting, keyword analysis, split testing, and more

  • Professional Skills & Best Practices (1,250+ lessons)

    Crucial skills in workplace productivity, effective email management, working remotely, data protection, and reputation management

  • Upload your own content (unlimited)

    Combining it with the best of the Grovo Library

A world-class training library.
A world-class training library.
A world-class training library.
The Huffington Post

“Most of us cringe upon hearing the word ‘training,’ but New York City-based Grovo is poised to change that perception drastically.”

The New York Times

“Grovo offers businesses and organizations a simple way to keep their employees trained.”


“The #1 online learning tool for businesses”


“There’s something for everybody on Grovo, an online training dashboard that makes it easier for organizations to manage training among its employees.”

Fast Company

“Want to understand how the web works? Take a look at Grovo.”

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Achieve tangible training results quickly

Set up your entire team in minutes

Set up your entire team in minutes

  • Onboard all of your users and assign learning in less than 5 minutes

  • Group users by division or need

  • Easily add, delete, replace, and archive users with no-limit rotating licenses

  • Bypass onboarding altogether with SAML & LDAP single sign-on integration

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Quickly create training assignments

Quickly create training assignments

  • Browse over 4,500 lessons organized into comprehensive learning tracks

  • Combine training from over 130 sites, apps, topics and disciplines for a customized learning experience

  • Assign content to entire groups or individuals, set a due date, and a minimum passing score

  • Brand Grovo as your own with over 10 different white label options

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Track real-time performance

Track real-time performance

  • Detailed assessment monitoring allows you to quickly identify your team's strengths and weaknesses

  • Track your team's progress on any mobile or tablet device

  • Analyze learning trends over time with robust data visualization options

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The results are in


“With Public Affairs offices in 15 countries, Grovo has allowed us to train all of them on today’s most in demand social media platforms and products.”


“Grovo saves ReachLocal four hours of additional training per salesperson every month.”

Survey Monkey

“Grovo has led to significant savings in manpower and hours.”

Prominent Properties | Sotheby's International Realty

“Grovo has decreased the time spent on operations by 20% so our associates can focus on creating leads and closing deals.”

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